Structured Water Unit (Whole House Use) – Dynamically Enhanced

Structured Water Unit for Whole House Use – Original (Dealer Discount 50% off)


Using structured water filtration and structuring units, water becomes structured into it’s cleanest, most pure form. This unit will provide you with structured water throughout your home – in your kitchen, bathrooms, showers, and garden.  NOTE:  Product image shows various connectors available.  You will receive ONE unit with the appropriate connectors for the type and size pipe you have.

Product Description

made in usaEnjoy all the benefits of Structured Water™ for cooking, drinking, showers or baths, laundry, gardening, pets and so much more. With a Whole House product you will have Structured Water™ literally at your fingertips throughout your home. Everyone benefits from the energetic properties of Structured Water™, through entrainment it will lesson your eco footprint and benefit your neighborhood.The Whole House product can also be used on wells, barns and recreational vehicles.

  • Super hydration (reduces the need to consume as much water)
  • Water that has neutralized all adverse toxicants and is ready to enhance life
  • Eliminates itchy skin from chlorinated water
Additional Benefits
  • Reduces hard mineral build-up
  • Increased oxygen in the water
  • Increased absorption of nutrients
  • Healthier skin and hair
  • Water that is alive and full of energy
  • All memory held in water is wiped clean
  • Greater sense of well-being
  • Healthier, happier pets with less stress
  • Up to 30% reduction of water needed due to super hydration
  • Less infections and disease in house and garden plants
  • Healthier plants with 20-40% increased biomass (bigger plants)
  • Up to a 30% reduction of water needed for yard and garden
  • Hardy plants that are more resistant to drought, heat, and freezing conditions.


Product Specifications:
Length: Varies depending on connector type. Ranges from 16″ to 22″
Weight: Varies depending on connector type.  Approx. 2.6 lbs
For Pipe Sizes: 1/2″, 3/4″, and 1″.
House Copper, PEX, CPVC Pipe Installation Instructions PDF
House PVC Pipe Installation Instructions PDF
House Galvanized Pipe Installation Instructions PDF
House NPT Adaptable With Unions Installation Instructions PDF


NOTE: Please measure your pipe before purchase, using the instructions below…and include that size in the ‘Notes’ section when you are about to place your order.

How To Measure Pipe