Shungite is sometimes called ‘the Stone of Life’ due to its healing and antibacterial properties

We invite you to check out our website to learn about the many useful qualities of Shungite for Health and Wellness.  We offer Shungite products, direct from the Zazhoginsky mine in Karelia, Russia, known for having the highest quality Shungite on the planet.  We energetically enhance these products further with structuring technology and Moringa Oleifera seed oil.



This question was posed to Clayton Nolte recently: (regarding the NAT water structuring units)

Does this create hexagonal water? Is it better than hexagonal? How can passing/running water through a unit so quickly make the water structured?

Here is Clayton’s response:

‘Yes, hexagonal water, when water is forming Structure the water molecules cluster into geometric formations. At the first indication of Structuring, Hydrogen Bond Angle equals 114.5 degrees, the geometric form has 20 water molecules. As the Hydrogen Bond Angle increases the number of water molecules decreases in the geometric form, the lowest being 5 molecules. Hexagonal being a geometric form of 6 water molecules. 120 degrees, 6 molecules. I don’t use the word Hexagonal because it is Patented.

Natural Action Technologies Structured Water & Air (NATSW&A) is exponentially better than just Hexagonal Water. Dynamically Enhanced NATSW&A units flow forms contain some of natures most profound elements beneficial to our health and wellbeing. Adding Shungite, Ancient Quartz, + other natural elements into the permanent flow form creates an ion exchange advantage. It’s equivalent to 1 + 1 + 1 = 10 an exponential outcome. I am revealing some of the components in the flow form because I have had inquiries directly asking if this is so and remaining in Truth, I must respond yes.

Structuring occurs through water or air entering a mathematically balanced flow-form and containment chamber in one high speed turn of the subsequent vortex. Considering multiple vortices, multidimensionally and inter-dimensionally each vortices adds bio-photo energy. The longer time water or air has in the vortex dance the higher bio-photon energy. Structuring opens the water up increasing the Hydrogen Bond Angle to 120 degrees. Reducing water molecule clusters from 10s of thousands to six molecules. This change is measured with a Tensiometer, surface, bottled, Reverse Osmosis, distilled, processed waters have a surface tension of 72 to 84 Dynes. To enter ones cells and carry energy and hydration requires water to be 46 Dynes or less. NAT Structured Water is less than 46 Dynes, makes for instant hydration and nutrient access.’

– Clayton


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