Photo Gallery

Click here to watch Victoria and Tim White talk about using structured water on their desert property.  (6  mins)

An Oasis in the Desert…

They say “A picture’s worth a thousand words.”

These pictures show the transformation of our arid desert yard into a lush green oasis in 6 years.

Our plants are clearly enjoying our structured water!

Saguaro Cactus 1

I took this pic in 2008, shortly after we moved in; and a few months prior to learning of NAT structured water.  We had just planted our orchard of bare root fruit and nut trees, which were so small you can’t see them in the photo even though they are there.

Desert Oasis 2

This picture was taken in September 2014.  Our rose bushes are massive, our orchard is in the background, and our septic area is between our house and the orchard so we keep it clear.  The saguaro cactus in the background is so much taller and has put out many arms since 2008.

Desert Oasis 3

A closer look at our desert forest (same area as in pics above, same saguaro cactus etc).

Desert Oasis 4

The ponderosa pine tree on far right side of the pic above was just a little volunteer tree that had started growing in the driveway of our former home in Pagosa Springs, CO. You can see it is thriving even after moving to the Sonoran Desert from its home at 7,500 ft elevation in the Colorado Rockies.

Desert Oasis 5

This would look like a normal scene in a lot of places, but not so common in the Sonoran Desert The tree in the background middle/right was a tiny bare root apricot tree that we planted 6 years ago. It is now full grown and has produced LOTS of amazingly delicious sweet fruit.

Desert Oasis 6

Looking down a corridor in our orchard: (most trees started as small bare root trees 6 yrs ago.

Cactus Growth Chart

In 6 years, our Saguaro Cactus has grown the equivalent of about 100 years in the wild, based on this chart…

Here’s our Saguaro when we first moved in…

Saguaro Cactus 1

…and after 6 years of structured water…

Saguaro Cactus 2

This palm tree was a tiny plant when we planted it 6 years ago…

Palm Tree

The Moringa Tree behind us grew that tall from the roots in just a few months…

Moringa Tree


Organic Gardening

Structured water has blessed our organic gardens with food year round.

Here are a few structured veggies we harvested for dinner recently. (Peas, beans, peppers, carrots, tomatoes, okra, eggplant, aloe and moringa)

Structured Veggies

We also grow a few varieties of apples. People are often surprised to see that we can grow apples so easily in the desert.

Green Apples 1

Green Apples 2

We also grow apricots…

Organic Apricots

This started out as a tiny bare root tree in 2008, like the other trees you will see below.  This picture was taken in the spring of 2015.  There were thousands of apricots on this tree then.

apricot tree

Here’s a peach tree…

Peach Tree

If you look closely, you will see that this tree is loaded down with green/yellow apples. This picture was taken in April. It blossomed and fruited again later in the same season.

Apple Tree 2


Structured Pool and Jacuzzi

We also use structured water in our pool and jacuzzi…

Here is Tim lounging in our structured pool 🙂

(On the left side, you can see we are adding water through a large garden unit…)

Structured Pool 1

A few more shots of us in the pool…

Structured Pool 2

Structured Pool 3

Here we are relaxing in our structured water Jacuzzi.

Structured Jacuzzi 1

Structured Jacuzzi 2

Tim changes the water about every 6 weeks. We haven’t needed to use any chemicals to keep it clean since putting the water structuring unit on it in around 2009.

Click here to watch short video of us talk about using structured water on our Sonoran Desert property.

As you can tell, it’s pretty amazing what Structured Water has done for us!

If you’d like to purchase your own Structured Water unit, you can view your options by clicking the image below…

Structured Water Portable Splash

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