Shower Riser


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An additional item you may be interested in when purchasing a Shower Unit is the Shower Riser, also known as a Shower Arm.  Since installing a Shower Unit is going to lower the shower head, those who are taller may wish to include a shower riser to raise the entire unit and shower head up higher.  It is super easy to install. This unit is not manufactured by Natural Action Technologies, but we make them available if you would like to add it to your purchase.


Uses for the Shower Unit:

– For showering and bathing in Structured Water.
– For filling water containers.
– Can be used as a portable unit.
– Take it with you when you travel.


Super Shower: Length Including Connectors: 7.5″; Weight: 13.4 oz
Mini Shower: Length Including Connectors: 5″; Weight: 9.4 oz