Structured Water Revitalizer HD-9RO Under The Sink Unit – Dynamically Enhanced


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Based on the successful design of the HD Series Whole House Units, the HD-9 Sink Units are built to a high level of engineering standards to deliver optimal performance with rugged, heavy-duty durability.

The HD-9RO is offered in response to consumer demand for units that are easy to install after a reverse osmosis system or water filter without having to be handheld like our Portable Unit.

Install it between your RO tank and RO faucet to turn ordinary RO water into Natural Action Water.

Add it after a plumbed-in, below sink water filter such as a Multipure for revitalization before the water comes out of your filter faucet.

Also great for any unusual applications that feature a ¼” tube connection such as an icemaker or refrigerator.

Designed for use in under the sink applications.  Always have structured water handily available from the tap.  Improves the water quality for the family, pets, and dishware.  Comes with all the necessary fittings for the application and can be easily installed in minutes.


The HD-9RO comes with ¼” Quick Connect ports, 3ft of ¼” tubing, and a mounting bracket.

Product Specifications:

Length:  15″

Weight:   3 lbs

Click here for more details:  NAT-HD-9RO-INSTALLATION-AB

It’s a one-time installation with a 10-year warranty and no replacement parts or maintenance when properly installed. 90 day customer satisfaction guarantee.