Stainless Steel Shower Structured Water Revitalizer – Dynamically Enhanced


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Shower head not included. Adapts to your existing shower head.

We also have the Structured Waterbearer which you can use with a Portable Unit for taking structured water showers.  Click here to learn more about the Structured Waterbearer .

This water structuring shower unit will give you the healing benefits of bathing in structured water. Easily remove it to take with you when traveling.

Some benefits of bathing in structured water include:

  • Soft healthy skin and hair
  • More moisture for skin and hair
  • Eliminates itchy skin from chlorinated water
  • Reduce / eliminate hard water build-up in shower
  •  Assists in improving skin conditions
  • Water that is alive and full of energy
  • Greater sense of well-being

Enjoy a more refreshing and vitalizing shower with smoother and softer water. Your body will notice the difference!  Results in smoother skin and reduced effects of chemically treated water. Less soap is needed along with less scale buildup and reduced mold.  Your shower curtain will need changed less often.  Enjoy a healthier, more effective and better feeling shower while spending less time cleaning it.

Introducing Natural Action’s New Stainless Steel Shower Unit

Natural Action Technologies’ new Dynamically Enhanced Stainless Steel Shower Water Revitalizer Unit is a brand-new product that offers several upgrades over their previous shower unit.

First, and most obvious, is the striking stainless-steel exterior.  Its high-end stainless-steel presentation in a sleek shape fits well into any shower – even the most luxurious.  The understated branding allows the shape and color of the unit to really shine.

Functionally, it’s a 5-stage unit, whereas NAT’s previous Shower Unit was only 3 stages.  These two additional vortexing stages add a significant amount of energy to the water, and the difference is palpable.

When Natural Action Technologies tested their previous 3-stage Shower Unit back-to-back with their new Stainless Steel Shower Unit, they noticed a difference in the feel of the water that was far more substantial than they had expected.  They reported that it felt like they had doubled the revitalization effect of the water.  The water felt softer, smoother, was more soluble with shampoo and soap, rinsed better, and was overall more spring-water-like.

Product Specifications and Installation:

Weight:  1 lb 11 oz

Length:  5″

Connectors:  ½” NPT male brass x ½” NPTF

The highly effective compact unit is designed for use with your home shower. Installation can be done by anyone in a few minutes. We supply the necessary fittings ready for installation between your existing shower head and spout.

*Shower head not included. Adapts to your existing shower head.

Product FAQ

When traveling, can I use my Shower product to structure my drinking water? 

Sure! Just pour your water through either end of the Shower product and enjoy Structured Water as it comes out the other end.

I live outside of the United States. Can I use the Shower product on the pipes where I live?

Yes, the Shower product works on international metric pipes as well.