Here’s a video and written testimonial from Victoria White on how Natural Action Technologies Structured Water has impacted her life since 2008.


My husband and I have been using Natural Action Technologies water structuring devices for over six years.  We have a whole house unit, one on our Jacuzzi, garden units connected to our drip irrigation, as well as a unit in our pool and a couple of portable units.  We are so impressed with this water and what it has done for our health and our garden’s health that we will never be without this technology in our lives.  Many people who taste our water can tell there is something special about it. And those who see our gardens here in the harsh climate of the Sonoran Desert are amazed at how vibrant, green and productive they are.  Plus we have lots of beneficial insects hanging out in our gardens.  We feel the phenomenal results we are getting in our gardens is in large part due to using structured water.

Before we found out about Clayton Nolte’s water structuring units, we had gotten together with our neighbors to purchase a number of bare root fruit trees that came in lots of 10 trees.  We split them up and each planted a number of them.  It was about 6 months later that we were introduced to Clayton Nolte’s water structuring technology.  We put a garden unit on our drip irrigation line, and after about a year, we noticed that our trees had grown much more than those of our neighbors.  After a year our trees were producing tremendous amounts of fruit, while many of our neighbors’ trees were dead or were still very small, with little to no fruit.

The trees all came from the same source, were planted at the same time in neighboring plots of land with the same soil and weather conditions. All of us neighbors were aware of organic gardening techniques, using compost, mulch, and were watering with well water from shared wells, presumably from the same aquifer.  We may have used more generous portions of compost and other organic soil amendments than our neighbors’ did, but we were also using structured water, which I believe played a significant role in helping our trees to be healthy and strong and to absorb the water more efficiently, and the nutrients in the soil, despite extreme weather conditions at times.

When we first put our whole house unit on, Clayton Nolte had advised us to drain our hot water heater.  We didn’t drain it because at the time it was too hard to get to, so for about a month whenever we turned the hot water on we could smell an off-smell, just as Clayton had said would happen, due to all the mineral deposits in the hot water heater dissolving into the water and coming out through the faucet.  After about a month it stopped and then a year later when we had a handyman working around the hot water heater we asked him to drain it which he did, and he reported that it was clean, obviously showing that the structured water had descaled the tank.  With our whole house unit, I also noticed that over time our dishes in the dishwater came out with less and less hard water spots, to the point now that they are shiny and sparkly.  I’m assuming this is due to all the hard water deposits descaling from our pipes over time.

Since installing a water structuring unit on our Jacuzzi several years ago, never have we put chemicals in it, and the water always stays clean, clear, and fresh smelling.  There is no mildew on the underside of the Jacuzzi cover, and the water is soft and refreshing to soak in.  With daily use, my husband  changes the spa water about every 6 weeks, sometimes longer, not because the water needs it but we do track some sand in so he empties it to clean the filter.  We have had our Jacuzzi for about 12 years, and in the past struggled with all types of so-called non-toxic methods to keep the water clean without resorting to chlorine.

We used hydrogen peroxide, ozone, essential oils, supposedly nontoxic chemicals like bromine, and numerous other gizmos.  We only experienced limited success with all these other things, to the point where most of the time I’d refuse to get in the spa.  No matter what we did to try to keep the water clean, the water always seemed to get cloudy with a musty / mildewy smell.  I am still totally amazed that in the past few years, with the water structuring unit on the spa, we have never had to add chemicals to our spa and the water each time feels like pure fresh spring water.  The water structuring unit is on the recirculating line so every day when the pump turns on automatically, the water naturally get structured again and again and again.

Over the past few years my husband and I have vacationed in Mexico a number of times, and we have always taken our water structuring units down there with us. We have stayed at friends’ beach houses where people normally bring their own water or have water delivered.

We have consumed structured water straight out of the taps there with no supplemental filtration, and other times if the water seemed quite hard we would put it through a Brita filter first and then structure it and drink it.  Plus we have always used structured water to wash fruits and vegetables.  We’ve heard of people in Mexico getting sick simply from using tap water to wash produce and then eating them raw. We have never gotten sick or had any indication that the water we structured was anything but totally safe to drink.

Some of the health effects I have personally experienced since introducing structured water into my life include my skin feeling healthier, softer, more hydrated.. In fact I often hear people comment on what nice skin I have. I have more strength and vitality, my digestion is better and hay fever doesn’t seem to bother me much during times of the year when previously I was miserable.  My muscle mass has increased and I remain trim. I have been able to work outside in the heat of the summer, with temperatures ranging from 103 – 107 degrees for months, without getting dehydrated or heat exhaustion.  I’m sure it’s from the superior hydration of this structured water.

Another interesting thing I have noticed with the structured water is I have the most amazing Ah-ha moments when I’m in the shower.  Thoughts and ideas percolate into my mind without any conscious attempt for that on my part, and I know when I get them it’s really important to act on them, and when I do, really cool things happen for me.  My sense is I’m a super open vessel at that time, and the structured water is a catalyst for the universe to dump cosmic insights into my awareness, similar to what I might experience during meditation. Way cool!

And finally, I really LOVE drinking Natural Action Technologies structured water.  It tastes so smooth and I feel so nourished by it.  It’s both thirst quenching and hydrating.  We used to have a reverse osmosis system, and another time a distiller, and I remember drinking a lot of water and never feeling these satisfied my thirst. It was as though the water just passed through me without being utilized, and I was left feeling drained.  Now when I drink the structured water, I feel my body relax and really take it in.  It’s so energizing, but not in an artificial sense.  It gives me a feeling of clarity, strength and vitality, in body, mind and spirit, and is calming at the same time.  I feel so blessed and so much gratitude for having it in my life!  My wish is for all people on this planet to be able to experience the blessings and gifts that structured water can bring to their lives too.

Victoria White (December 2014)


We get lots of great feedback from people about taking structured water baths. One of our customers sent us this clever way to use a portable unit to fill a bathtub full of structured water.

Using scissors, cut vertical slits about 5 inches long and 1 inch wide on each side of a Geyser water plastic bottle.

• Near the bottom of the bottle cut horizontal slits about 4 inches by 1 inch on each side.
• These slits allow the water to flow freely, now place the Funnel in bottle and fill the tub to your desire.

§ I set a timer and check the water level @ 15 min intervals.
§ Adjust water flow so as to not overflow the Funnel.

Good luck,

Lydia C

PS.  The Geyser bottle’s height is a perfect fit for the average tub.

What else are people saying about Natural Action Technologies Structured Water?

Hi Victoria:

I wanted to mention some things about the structured water. I still am taking baths and now adding some to drink. Just going slowly, I have had the systemic fungal infection, especially in the bladder and brain. I had to take a lot of antibiotics when my leg was injured in a horseback riding accident. The horse went crazy and stomped on me. I was using poultices on my leg, but I did not know that the accident caused a large rubbery plug of skin to form over the injury and bacteria was growing under that. They had to drain the leg and the antibiotics were terrible.

I have felt to add the fungal and candida homeopathics to the water and the results have been pretty incredible. Before the bladder and kidneys were always irritated in spite of all the berbal, essential oils, diet, and homeopathic remedies. I would have to urinate every 2 hrs during the night. I would drink 1/2 cup of water and urinate one quart or more. Most of my nutrients have been lost this way. Now I have had two nights where I have only had to urinate once or twice and the volume is much less.

I have had a lot of hair loss when I washed it. Now there seems to be very little hair loss.

The first several baths had a sandy like debree on the bottom of the tub that I think was uric acid crystals. The first 5 baths had a lot of gummy deposits along the side and bottom of the tub. My hair felt unmanageable, gummy and heavy – my scalp felt dirty. I would wash my hair and it took a lot of shampoo to clean it.

Now my hair seems very light and clean. The last two baths had very little residue on the side or bottom of the tub.

I seem to be digesting my food better. I usually have two bowel movements a day, instead of one. I do not seem to need as much magnesium as before.

I have had a sleep disorder and trouble sleeping the last 3 years of my life. It has been much improved the last year with the use of rhodiola and DHEA to get my cortisol levels lowered. With the last three baths I have had good sleep and look forward to that improving each day. I have noticed if I drink the structured water I need to also soak in it to further pull the toxins out so I sleep better.

I feel a wonderful peace and happiness when I use the Bach remedies in the bath. I really notice the increase of the brightness of the aura around my head and body.

I feel a wonderful sacred feeling with God. I find myself praying more, feeling God more in my life, reading the scriptures more, loving people more unconditionally even when they are unkind, I feel more patient, and I feel I am finding a greater comprehension of spiritual things.

I am very impressed with the way the structured water is able to further eminate the energy of homeopathics. I am also becoming daily more aware of how my own thoughts, desires and prayers are impressed upon it.

Another thought was that one can purchase the velcro straps and place those around the side of the portable, the put the duct tape on. that way the portable unit can be removed from the tub faucet easily. These portable units are very economical and are a great way to try the structured water and then more onto the whole home unit.

Well I think you will enjoy this. I know your heart is very much set on helping others. It is such a wonderful adventure.




Thank you so much Victoria for all of the information.  I have been using one of RJ’s portable units for a couple of weeks and I can’t even begin to tell you all that I have experienced.  I run my drinking water through 6 times. I bathe in it and I wash my hair in it.

My energy level was always high (I am an energy worker) but drinking this has multiplied that and it is a steady flow all day long.

Every single day my consciousness expands greater. More clarity, more receiving, more
answers etc,,, I am more present right now than ever.

Two separates days in this time period were absolutely cry all day days. Sometimes
I was aware of what I was releasing and sometimes I wasn’t. But the next day I
would awake renewed and whatever that stuff was it would be gone for good.

Our bodies are 70% water and most people cells are dehydrated. This is an amazing way
to turn that around immediately and also help a godzillion other things.

Meeting RJ was the best thing that happened to me. Wow…what an amazing product!

Play, Play, Play Like A Child,

Vivian 🙂


From a woman who purchased a portable unit:

Observations so far about the water unit are positive. I’d swear there is an obvious boost in the garden. Some things I had been struggling with have new starts on the tops or finally became hearty. I bathe in it. Every soak. My skin is less dry and unhappy for one. I do feel a lightening and energy from my bath I did not have before. One of my aquaponics ponds wasn’t cycling well. I did a 75% water change and nothing else. No filtration adjustments. Just structured water. Solved the problem over night. The water is again clear and testing happy. The dogs and goats and horses are all getting it. I can now keep all three large boats together again. Their absurd aggression has stopped. Typical goat fussin still occurs, but is healthy and necessary. Milk is great. The fresh goat had her babies bought and she is producing almost nine quarts a day. She is staying well hydrated and I feel she looks brighter and feels better under the burden of such production with structured water. So far, worth every penny. I’m also so rushed and slammed ass busy, its notable that there is a recognizable difference to someone this dragged down and autopilotted. There is also a notable difference in my level of burned out-ness. Nothing but the water has changed and I’m doing a little better with my workload and health.

Last year, I had an allergy for the first time in my entire life that lasted 6 months. My right eye watered or was irritated non-stop, unless I was sleeping.  I used every homeopathic eye drop brand, herbal as well as Over-The-Counter drops. Nothing worked.  2 weeks ago, my right eye started watering again and I was not looking forward to another 5 plus months of another right eye allergy. I had ordered the Dynamically Enhanced Structured water last week and it came yesterday. My only goal was to drink this water for general health purposes and perhaps to have nicer skin was one of my interests.

The thought occurred to me to use an eye dropper full of my newly structured water. Within seconds, I could feel a good deal of improvement, yet my eye was still irritated, but not watering like it was!

So a couple hours later I put in a few more whole droppers in my right eye and within seconds, the watering had completely stopped. This morning, I feel like there is a tad bit of inflammation left over but it’s really not a big deal, so I put in another dropper full in my right eye and now it is perfectly normal again. If the watering or irritation comes back from whatever is causing the issue, then now I know what to do….and it’s free!

All I wanted was pure and perfectly structured water, but I surely got a surprise here!  While I am pretty healthy as it is, there are a few minor things from past injuries that I will experiment on, so may report back later!

Thanks much!




My husband and I installed the Natural Action Technologies House Unit on February 11, 2014. I cannot tell you how happy we are with the water that we can now drink straight from our tap (this is a first!). My husband who has COPD and is on oxygen has noticed a significant difference in his breathing. Before, he use to get into the shower and have breathing difficulties. With the structured water system, he is now able to shower and have no breathing difficulties! Our electric tea kettle was covered inside with calcium. After a week of the structured water being used in the kettle, the calcium turned into what looked like a bunch of little Styrofoam pellets along the inside of the kettle. I reached my hand inside and was able just to pull off the calcium with my hands, unbelievable. My kettle looks new on the inside!

We cannot thank you enough for your help and full knowledge of the structured water system. We are in gratitude.

Dixie and John Madden


Robbie Lawler Structured Water

Ranking #20, Robbie began drinking Structured Water and noticed an increase in energy, stamina and focus. In his own words:

“I noticed my energy increased and I felt an inner power.”

He continued to hydrate using the portable unit. He indicated that the Structured Water enabled him to leap into health and feel more in tune with his own presence!

He felt that the induction of Structured Water propelled him to new heights of focus and power! He stated that the feeling of well being conveyed a presence and energy which allowed him to achieve his dreams! ….

Clayton Nolte: added the fact that he has tapped into the alignment of himself from the inside out ,also increased his connection with the earth and opened that window of vision that we all have within us.


A once in a lifetime purchase , 90 day money back guarantee !


I received my shower unit and I love it.  Took the first shower with it and OH MY goodness.  It feels like bathing in spring water.  I would like to get my family to get one.
Thanks Victoria


Thank you Victoria! 

Sorry I’ve been so out of touch – thanks to these water units, I’ve had SO much energy and focus I’ve been eating/sleeping/breathing my recent ebook publication edits for the past month! Has been going very well!

Thank you so much for having such a fantastic product / business!

Wishing you and yours the very best,


Hello Victoria, I wanted to give you a testimonial on Moringa seeds and Structured Water. I have been using diabetic medicine ( Metformin then Janumet and Invokana ). I began using the medication in 2008. I discovered Moringa seeds and Structured Water in August 2014. I haven’t taken the Rx medication since! My blood sugar has been between 95-140. Thank goodness for Moringa seeds and Structured Water and thank you Queen Victoria!   ~ RL

(NOTE: Click here to learn about Moringa)


This plant was dead, you can see where I cut the branches odd it was dead wood !!!  Structured water omg!!  ~ VBK


Hi Victoria,
Here’s a partial testimonial and I plan to test it with hiking with using SB (structured breathing),too.!

I moved back to the mountains of Lake Tahoe after the passing of my best friend (my Mom), plus my 2 best friends killed in a car crash, then my best cat ever passed, all in 5 weeks time. I work at night on the phone and since I have not met any new friends yet, the structured water and showers surely help as long as I drink my DEW. 😉  When I hike the mountains several times per week. I noticed that drinking the DE water (DEW) before and during my hikes (the base elevation here is 6,000 ft.) which climbs to 10,000 feet on many of the hikes I do, that my energy is above the chart and I’m 10 years older since I lived here last. Back then, I would have to stop and take many rests for longer periods of time, but now it’s only a couple of rests for a couple of minutes. I JUST read the structured breathing reports and am SO looking forward to taking either my portable or shower unit with me on my day time hikes, as well as I am now more able to cope with emotional sadness and loneliness I am experiencing with the so many losses in such a short period of time.

Reading the studies today, I am so very impressed and feel like I might just be able to ‘run’ up 4,000 more feet. ; 0)
JUST kidding. I am 58 years old and I pass people 20 years younger than me, proud to say. ; )  I broke my wrist a few days ago, so will certainly be wrapping it up in a cloth of structured water when the cast comes off to a sprint, along with my super food / minerals, I know it will heal up fast. Maybe in a couple weeks I’ll start hiking again. I have until the snow flies to keep hiking, then there is X-C skiing to keep testing using SB as THAT is huge exertion.  I did run into Mama Bear and Baby Bear a couple weeks ago on the trail, but after a 1 minute stare down, some prayer and perhaps the energy of the DEW casting out, she and her big butt and baby just went in the other direction. WHEW!!!! 🙂 But man, she was PURRTY and baby so dang cute, but think I’d rather they split… than stick around ‘for lunch’ (me).

Will keep you posted when I go  hiking in a couple more weeks or so…

~ MS



Dear Clayton,
On 11-3-12 at about 9:30 pm We received a phone call from our daughter Sandy, and we discussed the Alabama/LSU football game that was being played that night, and all was well for the night.  Little did we know those were to be the last words we would hear from Sandy for a while.  The next morning at about 8:40 am our world began to totally change!  We got a call to come to the hospital ER immediately; that Sandy was in a coma.   From there, Sandy was taken to Birmingham where she underwent brain surgery, remaining in the hospital for one month.   The neurosurgeon told us that Sandy’s situation was critical, and that she had so much brain damage that the very best we could ever hope for was that she could breathe on her own but was basically in a Vegatative State!  Fortunately there was an internist, Dr. Ronald Stroud, that was on her case that told us while he agreed that was true for the moment, that he had seen cases where people pulled out of the coma and he wanted to give Sandy every chance available for complete recovery if possible.  He ran tests and found two strokes had happened deep within the brain sometime during the first week after surgery.   Again, the neurosurgeon said it was hopeless to even consider that she would ever do more than just breathe and we should consider ‘coding’ her.  I found that to mean to allow her to die if she had any crisis situation come up.

God leads us in mysterious ways on our path in life that can be key to events and circumstances to our future.   In late summer of 2012 we became aware of Natural Action Water and we started investigating why we should use such water.  We were already using another product that was added to distilled water which was to provide minerals needed and at frequencies that would enter the cells immediately to hydrate the body so it took us a little time to make a decision to try the Hand Held Portable Unit to structure the water.  After using the unit for a month or so in our home, we realized that it was a better solution to our water needs and health needs via water than anything we had used before.  The Structured Water instantly took what we thought was excellent well water and made it instantly smoother, almost a silky like consistency that replaced a heavy water that we had not noticed prior.  For the next month as people came to our home, we would have them drink from our tap and then run water through the unit and have them taste the difference.  Everyone immediately noticed the difference and agreed the Structured Water was better.  Over time we learned the Structured Water had more oxygen in it and the delivery system to the body was immediate and it carried that life giving oxygen to every area of the body instantly.  We also learned that NOTHING harmful to the body could pass through the water into the cells of the body, but instead was caught in a solution and immediately sent to our elimination system of the body and EVERYTHING in the water that WAS HELPFUL to the body immediately went to the cells of the body. We also learned that this water had more energy and if it were run through the units more than once, we could increase the energy of the water.

Thankfully we had this information already available to us when we were at the hospital where our daughter was.  After surgery along with the IV hook up’s and tubes running through the nose and throat we saw one of the nurses get TAP WATER and pour it through the tube in her stomach.  We asked what they were doing and she said giving her water.  We immediately asked the doctor if we could bring our Structured Water.  That could have been a problem but after explaining the difference in the water, both doctors felt that there was nothing to harm her – especially in the coma, so they allowed us to bring the structured water in for her use.  After a couple more weeks, I became aware that Sandy had heard me and was responding  to my talking to her saying for her to open her mouth and let me clean it (I had not expected her to respond – I was more or less just saying out loud in case she heard.)  Anyway, when I said “Sandy, you need to open your mouth honey and let me clean the dead skin off for your lips” she immediately opened her mouth and held it open for me. WOW.  I almost started JUMPING UP AND DOWN!!! Then I started saying other things to her for her to respond IF she really heard me.  In all cases she did!!!

I shared with the hospital staff that she was conscious and responding and most thought it was just wishful thinking on my part but the last week she was there, another of the internal medical doctors also saw her responsiveness and told us he knew she was conscious!!!!

I fully believe that only two things brought this about.  1. Prayer and 2. The Structured Water!!!  The water sent that life giving oxygen back into her brain to the areas that had been deprived of oxygen and began restoring that part of her brain that allowed her to communicate and respond to simple requests.

God moved again when we moved her to the long term nursing home where she is now in allowing the water to be used.  They first said they would NOT ALLOW anything in the home that wasn’t across the board for all the people in the home so we couldn’t bring in the structured water.  Fortunately GOD had me to prepare a notebook with information about the water off the Natural Action Water web site which explained why we should use the structured water, and I just happened to have it with me.  The head administrator did finally give in and allow us to bring her the water.  We know the water is still making a difference in restoring Sandy by providing that life giving oxygen in every cell of her body.  As new cells are being created in her brain and injured areas, the oxygen is helping along with helping other good things in the body to be reduced in size to instantly get in the cells.  Praise God for directing our steps to Natural Action Water.  I am secure in knowing that the harmful substances that may be in the water are stopped and cannot harm her and the life giving minerals, vitamins and other healthy substances that may be found in the water are filling her body and every day in every way she is getting better and better.  Thank you Clayton, for your invention.  Praise God!!!

We will never stop using the structured water units.  After seeing what it had done for Sandy, for Lee and I personally, we became Authorized Distributors for this wonderful product in late Nov., 2012.   Since installing the whole house unit, we now enjoy the best possible for our water needs.  We have the garden unit and Lee plans to use it to bring up the brix rating of our fruits and veggies being grown this year.  We now soak all fresh foods in the sink in the water for an hr. or longer and we have found the shelf life is amazing in keeping foods fresh and tastier!!!  I have no way to measure it but I wouldn’t doubt that the nutritional value is probably much greater also.  For instance, we purchased 6 heads of Romaine Lettuce on 12-15-12 in anticipation of our daughter and her family from Montana’s trip to us that week.  We only ate 2 of the 6 heads while they were here.  I had put the remaining 4 in the basement refrigerator and forgot about them.  Over a month later I found the lettuce and it was still almost as fresh and tasty as when we first bought it.  I couldn’t believe it.

When you take the fact of the water being structured on face value, AND THEN add your INTENTIONS to the water by saying a prayer over it, really amazing things begin to happen.  The more I know and understand about water the more amazed I am.  Water is so much more than that wet stuff we all take for granted.  It can be life giving or life taking.  I believe with all my heart that the Natural Action Water structure units are at the top of the heap on the life giving end.

Pat & Leon Armbrester



I wanted to thank you for introducing me to your Natural Action Water System.

As you know I am an inventor myself as well as a business owner in Beverly Hills where I come in contact with many people. I am asked on a daily basis what I do to stay in optimum health. When you described your device to me I was very intrigued so I purchased one of the Natural Action Water Devices for my personal use. I immediately noticed craving the ultra hydration benefits from your system. I only wanted to drink the water that came from my faucets which I would never do previously do to contaminants in our water supply. I subsequently started selling your device to people that wanted to have optimum health like myself.  The response has been an overwhelmingly positive experience for everyone. I recently had a hair analysis done to test for heavy metals, from which high levels can be linked to drinking contaminated water. It was great to know I had no sign of heavy metals in my analysis which showed me your system really works.
So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

On a side note, being an inventor I come in contact with many different manufacturing systems. I recently developed a new type of insulation.  During this process I worked with one of the largest manufacturers in the world of this material.  As I analyzed their processing system I realized one of their biggest expenses was consumption of water due to having to repeatedly rinse their product. I suggested they install your Natural Action Water Device on their washers. To their surprise they are saving up to 20,000,000 (twenty million) gallons of water per year, and over 30,000 hrs of production time per year.  Those #s are not typos they are correct. Since then I am now reaching out to companies that do the same type of production to help benefit their businesses as well.

This can help save our water supply world wide.  Again, thank you for being an innovator.

D.H.  – California


Thanks so much for sending me the De Portable unit …. I absolutely love it and I’ve been trying to decide how to describe it’s wonderful benefits.  Of course the first thing I noticed was the extreme smoothness of the water upon taking the first sip of the water that had passed through the unit.  The next thing I noticed about 10 minutes after drinking a glass of this water was that my breathing had somehow changed; it seemed that the air that entered my lungs was more refreshing and slightly cooler, and that the air just flowed into my lungs slightly easier than normal with no restriction.  I have no problem breathing but after drinking the water from the DE Portable it just seemed easier to breathe: the air seemed more vital and refreshing and it was suddenly kind of fun just inhaling air into my lungs.  I thought this was maybe just my imagination but I have repeated this over and over and I am now certain that this water makes a change in a person’s blood or physiology in such a short period of time that is remarkable.

I called the company and they said that a person could notice the energy from the water in the way that I described and since the water we drink becomes the fluid of our blood and the blood carries oxygen from our lungs to the whole body, this explains the remarkable effects that the Natural Action Water structuring device has had on me.  I am totally delighted with the DE Portable device that you sent to me and let me tell you why in particular: as you know there are other companies “trying” to copy the Natural Action Water technology.

I have previously purchased 2 other water “structuring” devices; one that looks very similar to the DE Portable that I bought a year and a half ago and the other unit looks more like a blender that I bought about 10 years ago so you can see I have known about structured water for many years.  So when you told me about the Natural Action Water product I initially thought that I was not interested as I already own 2 “similar” units.  You seemed very confident when you told me about the Natural Action Water products being the world’s best so you got my curiosity up so I decided, thanks to you, to go ahead and try one of your units even though I thought it was just another water structuring device.  One sip of this water and I was convinced that you had steered me down the correct path; and about 10 minutes later when I could breathe easier I knew you were onto something awesome.  I had not experienced these results with the 2 other water structuring devices that I have previously owned.

Thank you so much for teaching me about this wonderful product.  Every day is a treat just making the most awesome water on the planet …. and thanks to you.  The Natural Action Water devices have technology that the other companies do not have.  The “secret” is the dual action water vortexing (to the left and right simultaneously) and the secret materials that the water units are made of.  I hope everyone will take the initiative to add the DE Portable unit to their life to begin with because once a person realizes the potential that this product can make to their health and happiness they will never want to be without this awesome water and the DE Portable because our bodies are mostly made of water.

I consider the purchase of the DE Portable unit to be the most important purchase a person can make especially with regards to a person’s health and well being.  Now I am super interested in someday owning the other products from Natural Action Technologies, Inc: the shower unit, the whole house unit, the garden unit, and any other product this fine company has available now and in the future.  Thanks Doc Russ, for making these fine products available to those lucky enough to know you and call you a friend.  I will continue to tell others about your great services and products that you recommend and provide to others.

Happy Hydrating, Brian T.


We recently received this story from a young woman.
The young mom with a 10 month old baby was in a safehouse after being beat up, having her cat killed, and all her belongings stolen by her boyfriend (the babies father).  The baby who had also been there through the traumatizing event was throwing temper tantrums on a regular basis, and would not make eye contact with anyone.  Mom and baby were really struggling with it all and having a difficult time moving forward.  They had been in the safehouse for a couple of months.

We sent her a Dynamically Enhanced Portable Unit which she began to use.  She began to use it whenever she had a glass of water.  The baby was receiving the water through nursing as well as some in her bottle too.  Three weeks later she shared this experience with the water.

Three weeks after she started drinking the structured water everything had changed!  She said when she started drinking the water it was like she woke up from a sleep of several years.  Her mind became clear, she became happy again.  She begun taking an online class.  The baby had stopped throwing tantrums and was interacting with people again!  We were overjoyed.  In addition she mentioned that her friend in the safehouse had also started drinking the structured water at the same time and everything was changing for her as well.  Her friend now had her first job in 20 years and was doing extremely well again.  She was in so much gratitude for the water unit.

We just had to share this story with you, and the change that is possible with the water.

Natural Action Technologies.



My friend recently had a Dynamically Enhanced House Unit installed in her home.  She had an Original House unit before purchasing the new unit.  The Dynamically Enhanced Unit has completely restored the inside of her dishwasher, whereas the Original Unit did maybe 30%……..it is now white, and mineral free.




Hello again Clayton.  Thank you so much for your work, and the work your still doing.  Here is the BIG thing we have noticed with our five children, after just a couple of weeks of giving structured water to our kids and bathing them in it.  My 7 year daughter has been home schooled for 2 years now.

My wife would be in tears many times because my daughter had such a hard time learning to read kindergarten level while my 6 year old son was reading 2 grade level. We would spend time with her, but she found it hard to focus and be interested in reading. It almost seem too good to be true that just in a couple of weeks she would improve SO much, to the point that she was reading words that she had not even been taught, yet with my own eyes and ears I got to see and hear her read stories out of our child craft books like she had been reading just fine all along, and now shows interest in reading to us.

We are very excited and expect to see great things come in to being with our five children. We promise to share the truth about the water and your work with our children, passing on the light you have shined into our lives.

God continue to do his work through you, and Bless you.

With Love from the Rodriguez Family.


As a result of our discussions concerning every molecule in the universe being in contact with one another and your suggestion that adding 8 oz. of “structured water” (restructured by one of your devices) to the radiator of the vehicle I drove to the conference and monitored the results.

The car is a 1992 Acura Integra  with 219,320 at the time of the addition.  The EPA mileage standard for the car when new  is 21 mpg in town; 26 mpg hi-way and 23 mpg composite.  We had recorded mileage since owning the car and found these estimates to be quite accurate for the car with about a 10% differential from summer to winter.

Filling the tank with gas with this model can be repeated quite consistently.  Fill until the automatic shutoff stops the filling, then top it off once.  At this point a splash of gasoline comes back out.

The car was loaded with three passengers and their luggage and equipment from the conference.

1st tankful                   23.8 mpg
2nd tankful                  25.7 mpg
3rd tankful                   27.1 mpg
4th tankful                   34+ mpg  (almost all hi-way driving 65 and higher)
5th tankful                   32.5 mpg

Explanations:  None.  The results speak for themselves.  Needless to say we are now continuing  to use the structured water in the and also monitoring other vehicles.



When I purchased the Structured Water Shower Unit I was delighted to experience what so may other testimonials had shared.  Such as my skin was softer and no longer dry, my shower stall & fixtures no longer had deposits and scale, no more chemical smells in the shower water, and it is rejuvenating to be showered with structured water.  However, I did not expect to save $1,100 and counting.  And, that is the savings AFTER deducting the cost of the Shower Unit.  I have lived in my rental for 7 years.  Despite using good drain traps, I would have to retain a plumber to come out every 3 months to clear the drain of hair that would get through and catch on whatever was in the drain pipe and stop draining (at $180/visit).  After installing the Structured Water Shower Unit about 2 years ago, I have NOT had to have the plumber out once.  From what I can tell, the structured water has dissolved whatever built up inside the drain pipe so that there is now nothing for hair to grab onto and just flows right through.  Before I always had problems with a slow drain even though it is a new home built 10 years ago.  Installing the Shower Unit is the ONLY change made to the shower or the pipes – and thus it is clear that this effect is from the shower unit.  I felt confident that purchasing the structured water shower unit was going to be a health investment, but I did not realize that it would also be a wise financial investment.  Because I have not had to pay for plumber visits since installation of the shower unit- it has paid for itself many times over . . and continuing.  Thank you Clayton – I am very grateful.

Deborah, California


I used the Natural Action Water on my wheat grass . When I purchased the Natural Action Water DE Portable I told myself that I would have to see or experience clear and concrete benefits, so I did a test and used regular tap for one tray and Natural Action Water for the other . Right from the beginning there was a marked difference, and it’s very clear in the finished trays.  My 2 grown sons were entirely doubtful.  But when they saw the wheat grass trays they wanted to use it at every opportunity! One glance at the trays tells the difference, you do not have to hem and haw and try to figure it out etc.

Very amazing!



These pictures were taken in the garden, at the home of Mr. Laphon Puyo’s where his amazing tomatoes are watered with Natural Action Technologies structured water.

He writes:

I am retired close to the city of Pau, in France, and let me inform you about the results I have thanks to Natural Action Structured Water.  The pictures I send you are proving the results I had in my garden.

Baths feel better, pH is stabilized to 7, I don’t have to use pH reducer anymore.  And these tomatoes are out of this world! The one in the top picture is over 2 lbs (1kg) all by itself!

Pau, in France

I took my bio-photonic Garden Unit with me to India (2011) and used it for 5 weeks in Mumbai (“Bombay”), Delhi and Punjab. I can’t believe I risked using it in Mumbai, but I did, filtering and drinking tap water in a very ordinary street-side hotel: didn’t get sick at all! ~ AG  (Update: My sister and I used a Portable Water Unit on our trip to India in 2012. Same results: Didn’t get sick.)

In case this reaches Clayton: Many thanks for your absolutely brilliant designs! It is such a relief to have “real” water, anywhere, and to actually feel the difference.

Best wishes,

– AG, Phoenix, AZ


I walked in on Clayton’s talk on the energy of water seemingly randomly and within minutes like many others in the room became mesmerized by what this man was sharing about the energy of seemingly simple and everyday water. I became so fascinated that I bought a handheld structured water device within a few hours and immediately began to test and understand the power of these novel devices in the months following in my health practice with many patients.

Like many practitioners of acupuncture, chiropractic, and nutritional/herbal techniques, I have searched the world studying and practicing, good health with many amazing practitioners and patients in depth.  Immediately with the structured water devices, we noticed improved flavor changes to many liquids. More interestingly, all kinds of Chiropractic test points like…ICV, yeast, and allergy points instantly improved without any adjustments, needling, herbs, etc…just a glass of structured water!

Standard applied kinesiology tests, that so many ill patients come up weak on, improved significantly as to start regulating the whole autonomic nervous system – one goal of any health practitioner…again, just from a glass of structured water!
We did other tests. For example, normally, most wines, beers, and colas weaken one. After just one pass thru the device, instantly, we saw these muscle tests improve back to strong and even pulses balanced or went closer to balance!
The clincher was when we tested Coca-Cola on a patient with a recurrent skin rash. Coca-Cola, their favorite drink, placed under their tongue, instantly weakened them and also made pulses even more imbalanced.   But after one pass of the Coca-Cola thru the structured water device and the patient drinking the Coca-Cola, we were startled to find the patient holding significantly stronger than the patient’s baseline test indicated and the pulses closer to balance! Coca-Cola as food? Who would believe it?

When Clayton states in his flyer, “Structured water should be one of the first ”prescriptions” suggested to an individual who is seeking to mitigate a chronic condition”, you can believe it.  I would like to thank Clayton Nolte for developing these structured water devices for everyone’s health…They are simply amazing, powerful, and for a lifetime.  Though taken for granted everyday, there is much to understand about the powerful influence of water. Because simply, water can either empower us or weaken us…

Scientist David Schmidt when asked, ”What are meridians made of?” Meridians are not made of collagen or muscle tissue, they are actually made of water; strings of charged water droplets, actually water molecules with charged ions such as calcium and magnesium. The water molecules line up in these very fine threads, which are charged electrical particles (electrolytes), and these meridians vibrate like a string.

Dr. Shui Yin Lo has shown how water can direct the Qi of the body thru the structured flow of energy in the body.

Dr. Masaru Emoto has shown us so many things about the dynamic power and intelligence of water Even the sages have taught us, that of the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) the wise men would take the wisdom of water as their sage because in the end water will win, witness the Grand Canyon.

Master Chinese Herbalist Dr. Zhi Chen Guo shares with his herbal students to find the fluid/water blockage when helping patients because he knows this is a key to improving health.

The book, Your Bodies Many Cries for Water…shows us how important the need for enough water is in our bodies…And now, through structured water, we know how important the quality of our water is also.  When you just stop, and start to realize the value of structured water, as most know, our bodies are almost 80 percent water…Now, are we listening?
These structured water devices are helpful to anyone, anywhere, anytime,..at home or while travelling and are the foundation of a solid healthy life.

As you think of drinking plain water, making smoothies, drinking Coca-Cola, wine, or, beer now, think of instantly and easily, improving naturally the flavor and strengthening simultaneously your internal body energetics through these structured water devices.

Tim N. Toula (2012)

Acupuncturist, Korean Hand Therapist,  B.E.S.T., NET Practitioner


I got my unit in this week. LOVE IT!!! The water is lighter and softer…even kind of effervescent! I use less soap in washing maching, dishwasher and in the bathroom. I also already notice a change within me…my skin is looking better…dark spots are lightening up, and it’s only been 4 days! I just can’t thank you enough, Clayton, for your inspired work. The plumber asked about becoming a distributor….do you have that set up?

Many blessings and many thank you’s,

Dot Schaefer in Montgomery


Dear Clayton,

I want you to know how grateful I am that you invented Natural Action water units for us all; thank you.

I have bought 3 Natural Action Water units from you. First, a portable unit, then a garden unit and in August my whole house unit. I bought them when I could afford them and expanded their use in my life. Now I have everything I need. Especially, peace of mind. I carry my portable unit with me and have fun in restaurants and bars pouring water and wine through and comparing before and after with waiters and managers. People notice the difference immediately, even the color is different. I was so impressed that I ordered the house unit and the difference there is even more impressive. Most important is my peace of mind and sense of freedom. I am choosing and being responsible for my health, and I feel good.

I read Clayton Nolte’s history and the idea of mimicking nature appealed to me. Nature in all its complexity is also simple. First, I bought the portable unit and I saw the evidence with my own eyes that I would have thought were ‘tall’ stories if I heard them from someone else.

I drank water from my kitchen sink and it was lovely and refreshing. I had a friend visit and I gave us both a glass of water, she is African and she looked at me quizzically, and asked, “Where did you get this water? I haven’t tasted water like this since I was in Africa years ago”.

I was amazed that other people noticed it too. For 2 years I had small black flies on, and also in the plant pots on my kitchen window. Just 2 days after the first watering with Natural Action water they were gone. Like magic they just vanished. I think the water upgrades the soil and ants, flies and other nuisance insects that need low grade dry soil for habitat just move on.

All my house plants are looking stronger and healthier, my Spider Plant leaves used to break and its little offshoots, shrivelled and died within days of sprouting. Now it has 2 big healthy offshoots and 5 smaller ones, all looking good, and it flowered for the first time. What looked like a two dying leaves by my garden wall developed a strong stem with 16 flower heads in a week. It flowered from August till October.

Having the food I grow at home nurtured with good water is making a huge difference. My sprouted seeds and beans are stronger and last longer, and my herb garden is strong and tasty. It is January and I’m still taking Parsley, Thyme, Sage and mint!! I use Natural Action water in my fish tank and don’t add any chemicals because the water is good and clean now.

Since using Natural Action water I feel light and clean inside and my skin is soft and clear. I have a higher energy level and I’m calm and grounded. At last I am confident about drinking water. I just fill my bottle before going out and I relax, knowing I am being powerful and choosing good health now. I feel good, knowing I have this opportunity to drink healthy water all the time, which is a major factor for health as we humans are 70% water.

Purchasing a water unit is something every person can do for themselves to improve their life. I paid less than £1,000 for my house unit which included shipping, taxes and fitting, this is excellent pricing for a unit which needs no maintenance and has no moving parts, in theory it will last many years and pay for itself many times over. Money alone can’t buy good health, but my investment in Natural Action Water units is giving me peace of mind, I can feel the difference all the time. Using Natural Action Technologies Units is something every person can do for themselves to improve their life.




Recently I have started having brown pigmented areas on my face. These look like scabs but they are not scabs. It is brown pigment under the skin. When I started drinking the structured water they seemed to float to the surface of my skin and peel off and the skin underneath is perfect with no residual sign of blemish. This leads me to wonder what it is doing inside my body?

Mary Davis


Hi Clayton – I’m back from India – kinda. Hey, I took my Natural Action Water device to India and tried it out in BOMBAY on ordinary tap water. (I musta been crazy, yeah!?) I drank the structured water and…am alive and well to tell the tale! I won’t do that again – I’ll structure bottled water instead: Bombay tap water probably contains dead bodies and god knows what else. I wasn’t thinking about that – just wanted to see whether “structuring” the water would protect me. You can tell Clayton: a big Yes!


Anthea G


Hi Clayton:

Our new ‘Natural Action Technologies device’ is producing amazing changes in our water! My skin feels soft and lubricated after bathing. I use less shampoo. Less soap is needed for washing the clothes. The new water has rejuvenated our plants. My husband says our water tastes better too; and morning coffee is smooth – no longer bitter. We love the new ‘Natural Action Water device’ and the new life it has produced in our water.

Lileth B. Randall, SLC UT


I tried to call you and I left a message. I’ve been drinking “the water”. Cindi took a bath in it and she came out with a healthy color and glow. Her skin is like silk. I got jealous and took a bath in it too. Unreal! My legs have been itching and I scratch them until they bleed. After that bath – no itch. Our hair is soft and – it’s a real trip! WOW!



After a long week and a shorter weekend, I was just drained on a Sunday. My friend called me and I told him I was really tired of “being tired” all of the time. He said he had something for me to try and brought over some water from the Natural Action Technologies device. I was a complete skeptic, as always.

After drinking about three glasses of this water however, I felt like a new person and so did my wife after she had a couple of glasses. We were both in awe! We had a raw, natural energy that we hadn’t felt in years! We went from exhausted, to feeling 20 years younger, in a matter of an hour!

Now we have a Natural Action Water device of our own. The benefits are incredible! We both feel better, our skin is like silk. The “itchy leg syndrome” that seemed to be haunting us and the rest of the country when we try to go to sleep is gone. That is worth so much in itself, it’s hard to stress. The bathtub is clean and does not have the standard mold and buildup associated with showers.

We’re not sure how the Natural Action Technologies device does it’s magic, but it IS MAGIC! We wouldn’t go a day without it now…

Brian Z. – Salt Lake City, Utah


Since installing the Home Natural Action Technologies device in my home, there has been a noticeable improvement in several areas. First is the very refreshing smoother taste. Baths and showers are more refreshing and my dry skin condition has improved significantly. Numerous other changes include no lime deposits on the shower heads, cleaner shower walls, and even the commode requires less cleaning. The swamp cooler is much more efficient, cooling faster and running less with similar temperatures as last year. When I went up on the roof to check it out I found the inside of the cooler clean, just like new. Further, after a Garden Natural Action Technologies unit was installed in my lawn sprinkler system, the grass is greener and requires less fertilizer.

Bill C


I have to share with you that my work with the nature spirits has increased ten-fold as a result of using structured water. I’m having a blast!
 More later,



Hello Clayton,

After hooking up the under sink unit that I purchased from you, I am convinced that what you say is true. It has empowered me to be at my best 24/7. I run a small electronics company and most days are very challenging.

My wife of 34 years seem to have grown in different directions. I was pretty normal when we got married but she thinks I am crazy now. So I started drinking the water and she has also. WOW, now I stay full of love most of the time, and it appears to have assisted my wife also. At this point in time I would like to spread this around.

I think I may be addicted, I get out of the shower and have to go to the basement and get some structured water. I wake up at nite thirsty, I drink structured water. I love the way I feel. Honestly the water has helped me become a beacon of light 24/7.




We took our Natural Action Portable unit on our trip to Mexico, the main thing is that it was wonderful not to have to worry about lugging 10 days worth of bottled water for 2 people plus doggie down there with us. We stayed at our friends’ beach house where people normally bring their own water or have water delivered. It’s so nice to be self-sufficient with it all, and know we are safe even when washing fruit and veggies and dishes, because when in Mexico, it’s not just about drinking the water. (How many people who go down there are going to wash with bottled water?) The water tasted great and felt as good to drink as being at home. We’ve been back for a week now and never did get Montezuma’s revenge or any indication that the water we structured was anything but totally safe to drink. Thanks Clayton!




Verbal Testimony From Ron Mitchell summarized by Gary Byrons
I am going to start my summary with the most powerful evidence and easiest to duplicate in a matter of days. Ron used Natural Action Water to sprout Mung beans. Side by side, with Reverse Osmosis water vs. Reverse Osmosis Water run through the Natural Action Technologies Unit. His comments to me a week ago were that:
1) more beans sprouted and there was some additional mass to the NAT side.
2) Today he told me that the NAT side sprouts were healthy and abundant, better root structure than the control.
3) Shelf life compared side by side indicated significant improvement lasting long after
the control had become inedible. Ron said EVERY grower is very concerned about shelf life and the NAT clearly made a huge difference in the sprouts shelf life.

You probably guessed how “Pipe” was associated with our NAT Unit.

It turns out that just as Ron received the units from you, one of his clients called distressed that he was losing his plants. Ron took the opportunity to convince this particular grower to do nothing but introduce the NAT. He was met with lots of resistance because this situation looked too severe to leave only to a change in water. 
A few days later Ron received a call from this client. The client was celebrating. Not only was the die back stopped, new shoots were showing and he said they were better looking than he had seen before. This grower called the unit the “Pipe” and you could not take it away from him. 

Ron watered a lemon tree with the NAT and within a few days it burst into bloom, unlike Ron had ever seen this tree do before. 

Ron told me of some plants that had been set aside because they were doing poorly; he watered them with NAT and again within days they showed renewed life.



One of our customers called and relayed the following experience.
 He went to visit one of his friends who happened to be a Professional Wine Taster (able to distinguish the age of a wine, etc). He brought a Natural Action Technologies Portable unit with him and decided to show it to his friend. They took 2 oz of young wine and poured it through the Portable unit 12 times and then poured it back into the wine bottle. Then they poured out a glass of wine and his friend, the wine taster, tasted it. Much to his surprise he said it had the taste of a wine aged 10 years or more!




Sorry this took so long to get to you.I mentioned my garden when we spoke last. Last year our garden was absolutely the worst its been in years. This year however I used the structured water filter and WOW what a difference. I have never seen sweet corn that has looked as good as ours did. The cobs were huge! A number of plants got planted late, but they all caught up in growth in record time. The structured water has me sold. We planted some cabbage plants at least a month late and we now have wonderful heads of cabbage, the same with our tomato plants! AMAZING! THANK YOU!

Sally Reed, Boyceville, WI


Since I began with Structured water about two weeks ago, I have sponged off two of my beloved cats, each in her distinct area of chronic irritation (despite vast and creative other approaches – vet, holistic and energetic), one having been treated for over four years. Both cats showed immediate improvement – in one, general itchiness subsided (after months of this hassle); and in the other, a runny eye lessened (and she was looking at me again for the first time in about two years, instead of turning her head away).

I am continuing to sponge off these two kitties, as well as provide Structured Water for all drinking purposes. Both cats’ conditions are significantly better in just a short time!
Further, all my five cats are getting along better together, noticeably so! They weren’t too raucous, before, but it is very loving and peaceful here now! And also they see more cognitive generally, and more communicative with me.

I feel more positive and motivated to accomplish my daily goals, and I feel my longer term visioning power has increased. My aura feels enhanced and stronger! It seems more positivity is coming into my life, and it’s connected with having Structured Water in and around me!

Thank you!



I have much more wildlife on the property and my wife uses the structured water to fill up the water trays for the birds. Our greenhouse is enjoying the structured water–we have a pond in there as well, and there is no algae. I know the vegetable plants and herbs are really enjoying this new level of coherence.

I think our land (we have 3 acres) has improved its energy level. We have had some issues with neighbors, but all of those conflicts have dissipated and I have manifested what we want with our land….The energy reminds me of the energy I feel when I sit at some of the vortexes in Sedona. I have noticed that I have more energy, and have more availability within myself to observe the mind. I have started 3 very sick patients on your filters, and will let you know how they respond.

I wanted to share with you another benefit of the structured water. I had not said anything previously to anyone because I wanted to give it more time to make sure of the results. From the time I was 16, I had psoriasis which mainly appeared on the outside of my angles and my elbows. The itching was unbearable and on many occasions I would awake in my sleep scratching to the point of breaking the skin. The way it was explained to me, my condition was such that the new skin cells would die before they reached the epidermis. My parents took me to the doctor and he wanted to put me on nerve pills which my parents vehemently refused.

Throughout the years I had been to dermatologists and my own physicians; subjected to tar baths, anti-itching cremes with hydrocortisone and even ultra-violet light treatments. The UV treatments are particularly funny since UV rays actually destroys skin cells – something I didn’t find out until later. So much for the intelligence of modern medicine.

Over the years, in doing my own research, I read that psoriasis and excema are auto-immune diseases. While that may be true, it is curious to me that during both of my pregnancies, my skin condition cleared up completely only to return after I gave birth.
Now that would lead me to believe that the condition is more a cause of hormonal imbalance though I did not realize that at the time. Just like the symptoms of heavy menstrual bleeding and growths in the uterus. Unfortunately, it was not until after I had a hysterectomy did I find this out from my current physician, a naturopath, which CIGNA has recently contracted with.

Anyway back to the subject of skin…..I have not had the severe itching over the last 10 years, however, because of the prior damage from scratching, I had lost pigmentation on my ankles and one elbow. I had been told by physicians years ago that I would never regain the pigmentation.

That brings me to current day experience with structured water. It has proven the world of modern medicine to be wrong!

The pigmentation in my skin has slowly been coming back since drinking the structured water. Where there were once pale patches of flesh are now normal skin tone on my one elbow. On my ankles, the pale patches are being replaced with dots of normal skin color that are filling in. I felt this was important to tell you because it is a hugely significant test of the healing power of structured water.

I also have a very long scar on my right knee from a surgery when I was a teenager. I know that, over the years, scars will lighten. After more than 38 years, the scar had lightened as much as it was going to and it was still significantly noticeable. The skin in the scarred area is also showing signs of blending with normal skin tone. I do not have any significant pain in the knee, just a mild discomfort once in a while.

Aside from the visual reduction of the scar, I no longer have any discomfort in my right knee. I was told by a physician that my knee no longer had the ‘cushioning’ and eventually I would have to have it replaced. I have always told them that I would never have the knee cap replaced; I was born with it; I’ll die with it.

I also have 4 small incision scars on my left knee (two above, two below) from 2 scope surgeries in 1989. Where I recently was able see the scars, three of them have completely disappeared; one is barely noticeable.

I do not know if or how this will fit in with your studies of the effects of structured water, but please feel free to add them as you see fit.


Jacqueline Shepard


Just wanted to drop you a note and bring you up to date on plant growth here. The tomatoes are the big story. The main stalk on all the tomato plants are four to five times larger in diameter. Really weird to view as they seem to have morphed into tomato plants on steroids. All the fruit on these plants is still green, but it has been exceptionally cool, at night, all summer long.

The hot tub water is wild. Feels like rain water; all the time (just like the shower and bath). This has to be due to filling with structured water, having the garden unit on the hot tub and using only one teaspoon of chlorine every two weeks. The chlorine is probably just a mental thing at this point.

As from the start, the only water we’ll drink is from the structuring unit; all other water WILL NOT DO !!! Can’t stand the taste of all bottled water and chlorinated tap water smells and tastes like swimming pool water. Don’t have a pool, but if I did, would have a commercial unit and do away with the chemicals.

The dishes are squeaky spotless, the shower doors are clear and all calcium deposits are…..NON-EXISTANT !!!! Also, no water spots on the cars and trucks when washed.

I will write again with more updates as I glean them.

Thanks For The Understanding,



I wish to thank you for the bottom of my heart. It arrived in time to – I believe – to help save the life of my cat – Tissie. She is 19 years old and was dying of kidney failure. She started lapping up the water and also taking the monatomic minerals from Ambaya. She is now walking around and active again. I also have felt the difference. The water coming from the taps measures 9,000,000 on the bovis biometer!!!

The first few days I loved drinking and washing my face. My skin is softer. But the ultimate experience was a bath!!! It was like swimming in liquid love! The water sang. I am sure you know I am not exaggerating. I felt like I was communicating with the water. It was an incredible experience and I was reluctant to let the water out the drain because I was going to miss it!

My husband got in and said the water was so soft he couldn’t feel it! I have started telling all my friends and clients and anyone who will listen. I have just noticed they are no longer on the Ambaya website. Do you suggest another way to order? Again – I thank you so much for this technology. If everyone had one the earth would be a very different place.

All my love and gratitude



The units came today, and I got them hooked up in record time. I ran a pitcher of water from our outside faucet which is city water, but it’s bypassed our water softener. I did notice the chlorine smell in the water, but I really couldn’t taste it which was bizarre. I had my daughter try it and she could smell it but couldn’t taste it either. I can’t wait to take a shower. I will keep in touch and let you know how it all goes. I’ve been talking to everyone I know about these.

Many, Many Thanks,



I have been using the Portable Structured Unit Dynamically Enhanced for three months now. By changing the water I use daily, this unit has changed my life.

I use this every day, it fits well in my purse and is easy to use and clean. My water tastes better, it is actually smoother and easier to drink. I notice myself feel better throughout the day, my skin is brighter and my face is clear and soft, I use structure water to wash my face every night and morning. I take the structure with me everywhere, I use it with teas, juice, and kombucha, this DEFINITELY improves the taste and texture!! I live a very active and busy lifestyle, personally I’ve found that ~ less is more ~ I find myself needing less water during my workouts, during cardio, throughout the average day as well. I do drink water regularly, but now I like the way it tastes and I love how it makes me feel, but I don’t find myself gasping for water and suffering during intense exercises anymore. I regularly use shugnite in my glass pitcher with structured water.  I 100% believe the structured water is being properly absorbed into my cells and allowing my body to utilize and make every drop count, I CAN feel the difference. 💧

The Breathing Apparatus (which can easily be attached to the portable unit) has been VERY helpful for me -during the past few months especially with my allergies. After the FIRST time using the breathing apparatus I was shocked. My lungs were able to FULLY open up and I was able to take DEEP soothing breaths for the first time in what felt like forever. I use this apparatus regularly and I no longer have intense migraines, my head no longer feels “foggy”. I feel a lot better about myself knowing my blood vessels and brain are receiving proper oxygen and I’m no longer being restricted by my own body. I really do feel rejuvenated and more peaceful, and I am able to get better sleep at night. The apparatus really impressed me, it was a great surprise during my exercise to notice the difference in my lungs. I wasn’t able to breathe at full lung capacity before using this product. Earlier this year I had issues fighting bacterial infections in my lungs from wearing masks -I used pleurisy root drops to clear infection & the apparatus to get my lungs into even better shape than they were before.

I love both of these products, I can’t go a day without them, and neither could my PLANTS! Since watering my plants with structured water, they have been vibrant to say the least! My tomatoes lasted well through the winter and are STILL growing strong- I have had great success with my strawberries (since February) AND I have a small cilantro plant which never sprouted, I don’t give up though, I’ve been watering this for 7 months now with zero progress. Within the first week of using the structured water my cilantro began to grow- it’s a miracle!! Not only have I seen improvement in my plants but I notice the strength of their roots, stems and fruits now, they are much prettier, thicker and juicier!

Tim and Victoria are fantastic. I received excellent customer service from Victoria, she is helpful, informative, very friendly! It is clear they both are passionate about what they do, but more importantly they CARE about other people’s quality of life, and so do I, so I enjoy supporting them. The delivery was on time and product was in perfect condition with included instructions and notes- very very well organized!!

I plan on expanding my garden and living situation within the next year and I will DEFINITELY be installing a shower filter as well as a home series and I can’t wait! I am so eager to start my garden once I move! I feel confident in these products, as i have seen and experienced the progression that comes from them. I am happy to support such a wonderful company, and I am glad to see products like these become utilized daily.


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Any questions, contact Victoria White in Tucson, Arizona, USA at (520) 325-3400 or email her at victoria@biophotonicwater.com